Middleton-House & Company is a management consulting firm that helps you and your organization change for the better—to build strength, growth and staying power.  We coach individuals and work with teams to help you and all levels of your organization succeed at:

  • Organizational Change.
  • Strategic Change in the Age of Uncertainty.
  • Collaboration at the New Speed of Change.
  • Individual Resilience and Readiness for Change.


Throughout the changes you are making Middleton-House & Company provides support using a variety of platforms:

  • Consulting—online or on-the-ground.
  • On-the-ground classroom training.
  • Lightly-facilitated asynchronous online interaction following classroom training.
  • Highly-interactive facilitated live webinar follow-up.
  • Fully-facilitated asynchronous online courses. 
  • Password protected asynchronous online meeting room available to teams or team meetings after training or consulting.
  • Cases, worksheets, and texts. 
  • Newsletter.

How is Middleton-House & Company different?  For over 20 years, we have researched best practices of change leaders. We have worked with senior executives, managers, project managers and individual contributors to apply these best practices and dramatically improve results.

We are practitioners who know how to draw on research and theory to ensure you can successfully execute organizational solutions.

  • We assess and develop your ability to succeed with change.
  • We stay with you through implementation.
  • We track the financial impact of the change and the way it is implemented.
  • We involve the people who do the work in planning, in risk assessment, and in implementation.
  • We use tools that help you learn how to handle similar situations on your own.
  • We help you meet the needs of all three key stakeholder groups—customers, employees, and shareholders/owners—all at the same time.



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